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3 Decades After This Commercial Business Needs are EXACTLY the Same Skip to main content

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3 Decades After This Commercial Business Needs are EXACTLY the Same

Mon Dec 12, 2016 | Lasers Resource

For some of you reading this, 1988 doesn't sound like a long time ago.  And when you watch the news or listen to the radio, sometimes it seems like while a lot has changed many things seem the same.

business print needs copier contract grand rapids mi

Take a quick look at this short commercial from Xerox, made in 1988 and the inspiration for today's post.

Xerox logo Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI



Xerox was making copiers and talking about “document processing” – that is; printing, copying, faxing, and document management. What else was going on in 1988?

- Doppler radar was invented by Christian Andreas Doppler.
- CDs outsold vinyl records for the first time.
- Nike started to “Just do it.”
- The Dodgers, Redskins, and Lakers were champions.
- Rain Man won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Dustin Hoffman for best actor.
- NBC ruled TV with the top four shows: The Cosby Show, A Different World, Cheers, and The Golden Girls.
- The Soviet Army withdrew from Afghanistan.
- The original Globe Theatre was discovered in London.
- Ronald Reagan was President.
- George Bush was saying “Read my lips: no new taxes.”
- The Cold War was tapering off with Mikhail Gorbachev using the word “glasnost.”
- Rick Ashley was Rick-Rolling us with “Never Gonna Give You Up.” INXS was needing us tonight. George Michael wanted to be our Father Figure. Michael Jackson was staring at The Man in the Mirror. Whitney Houston was wondering Where Do Broken Hearts Go. UB40 was drinking Red Red Wine. The Beach Boys were on vacation in Kokomo. Axl Rose was dancing the snake, rocking out “Sweet Child O' Mine” with Guns N' Roses.
- The Dow Jones closed at 2168.
- An IBM PC with 30Mb hard disk, mono monitor, and 512K memory costs $1,249 (and was way heavier than my laptop).

Now, a lot has changed – who buys CDs?, there is no USSR, the Dow Jones is sky high and rising, RIP to Michael and Whitney, and Cosby is definitely no longer America's favorite dad.

On the other hand Dustin Hoffman is still acting, Guns N' Roses is touring, Rick Ashley's still Rick-Rolling away, Nike's still doing it, Kokomo is still a nice place to vacation, there's a war in Afghanistan, tensions between Russia and the world are high, and you can see a play in the new Globe Theatre.

And Xerox is still making copiers and talking about document management – and copying, printing, and faxing.

Business Needs Haven't Changed

business needs havent changed copier print needs grand rapids mi

You've got a computer in your pocket (or purse) that is more powerful than most desktops from a decade ago (much less 1988). You can get work done anywhere, anytime. Yet, business still revolves around the creating, production, and sharing of documents (many of which need to printed, copied, and, yes, faxed).

Commercials have gotten a LOT better (will you be thinking of ballerinas in pink the next time you make copiers?), but Xerox is still manufacturing printers, copiers (they're digital copiers now and can print, copy, scan, and fax), and file management software (document management).

Documents remain the core of business and the ability to print and copy them cost-effectively makes your business more profitable. Yet most businesses don't know how much they spend on printing and copying or how much time their IT help desk spends attempting to troubleshoot copier issues (hint: a lot, on both counts).

The Ability to Meet Those Business Needs HAS Changed

business needs copier print contract fun desk grand rapids mi

Managed print services is a relatively recent method to take care of your print needs. Don't do what most companies do – buy or lease equipment and supplies without an overall plan or strategy (and wasting time and money). A managed print services partner is an expert who can handle your document output needs – from identifying how much your really print to copier maintenance and repair.

While going retro can be fun, you don't need to when it comes to your printers and copiers. Find out more about managed print services by contacting us today.


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