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3 Reasons Why The Way You Order Supplies Needs to Change Skip to main content

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3 Reasons Why The Way You Order Supplies Needs to Change

Fri Dec 06, 2019 | Lasers Resource

When did ordering something as simple as ink and toner become such a chore? If you’re like most business people, you’ve become an expert at dodging sales reps to get to what you need.

We’ve all been through this process... 

- You need to get someone on the phone (time-consuming).
- Then, communicate your printer info, needs, business and payment info (we all know our computers can save and auto-fill in that information for us—so why are we wasting our time doing this over the phone like it's 1990?)
- Confirm the price you should pay.
- Wait for the sales rep to put your info into their system and place the order.
- Take your credit card number down (again?)

Businessman ordering supplies online with his credit card

Do you realize that this long-drawn-out process can take upwards of 20 minutes? That’s 20 minutes of your day! Doing this exact same process online can take seconds. It’s almost 2020, it’s time to make things easier, more convenient and quicker for you, and your business.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider ordering your supplies online.

1. If you can buy a car online, you can buy a toner.

Ordering toner isn’t rocket science. If you can order a car online (Thanks, Elon!) you can probably figure out what toner your printer needs. Forget the sales rep and pointless phone call and order your supplies like you do everything else in your life. Online, on your time. See it for yourself here.

2. Sometimes You JUST Need Toner…

We get it. Sometimes you don’t need (or want) all of the bells and whistles. Sometimes you just need toner. With our simple, easy to use ink and toner search, you can get exactly what you need. Forget about the pressure to package it with a new printer, or some more office accessories to make it “worth the order”. Just log in, place your order and wait for delivery!

3. It’s Quick and EASY!

Our advanced online e-commerce platform saves you precious time and makes your life easier by allowing you to type in your exact device and find your supply within seconds. And what’s more, you have the ability to compare and choose between compatible and OEM SKUs (we weren’t kidding when we said we made this for you). 

Not convinced yet? We get it—change is scary. Regardless, we invite you to take the plunge, friends. It will be worth its weight in gold. It’s almost 2020, it’s time to get on board and make your life easier! Start shopping today!


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