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6 Ways Managed Print Services Will Save Your IT Help Desk Time Skip to main content

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6 Ways Managed Print Services Will Save Your IT Help Desk Time

Wed Nov 30, 2016 | Lasers Resource

Time is a finite resource. When you spend time trying to do things you're not good at (like copier repair), you waste that precious time – and a little bit of your sanity. Then you waste a little bit more finding someone to fix your original problem anyway. And do you really want to spend any of your time trying to decipher what the blinking light on your copier means?

When it comes to managing your printers and copiers, you need those devices to work because people in your office depend on them working. Your responsibility is to keep them working. However, even though it's your responsibility, you can outsource the job to copier experts to save yourself time (and aggravation).

I've written about the value of managed print services and explained managed print services in previous posts (you can read them here, What Is Managed Print Services , and here, Controlling Your Print Costs – Managed Print Services ).

Today I want to focus on how MPS saves your time.

Printer copier toner grand rapids mi

1) Toner Always On Hand

An MPS partner can monitor print output and proactively deliver toner so you don't have to rush out to an office supply store because toner ran out the morning marketing was printing mailers to customers as part of a time-sensitive campaign.

2) Single Point of Contact

One call services your entire print fleet. No more looking through multiple files to figure out who services which of your devices when they need repair or maintenance.

3) Identifying Print Needs

You don't want to buy more print and copy ability than you need (you also don't want to buy less). Instead of guessing at what you need, an MPS partner knows how to do this by installing software and extrapolating needs from there. Double-checking that during the tracked time there aren't seasonal print jobs that could skew the count upwards (and also double-checking that any seasonal up-tick in print jobs can be accounted for).

Printer Copier repair grand rapids MI

4) Copier Repair

Copiers are complex machines with hundreds to thousands of parts – and software. Copier repair technicians receive ongoing training to keep up with the technology. Most IT help desks don't have the expertise to properly repair copiers or printers. It's faster and (usually) cheaper to outsource. I have an entire blog about the pros and cons of in-house versus outsourced copier repair, Step Away From the Printer and Copier – The Value of a Maintenance Contract for Help Desks.

5) Simple Charge Backs

You can see the volume that all departments are printing, simplifying any internal charge back process.

6) No More Print-Related Tickets

help desk printer and copier call

OK, you'll still have those tickets, but YOU won't be responsible for personally fulfilling those tickets. How's that sound? No more calling the copier manufacturer's support line. No more flipping through copier manuals trying to troubleshoot.

With the time you save, you'll have more time and focus to devote to brainstorm and plan with your business' leadership for how to more effectively use the rest of your information technology.

Click here to download the MPS Glossary


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