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A Solution That Can Take Care of Secure Digitization for You

Fri May 01, 2020 | Lasers Resource

How will we be prepared next time? 

Continuity planning | Lasers Resource | covid19 | security

This is the question that business owners and leadership teams all over the globe are asking themselves. While working to stay afloat, secure cash flow, and adapt to new technologies and business practices, this pandemic has also forced companies to begin planning for the future. Raise your hand if you’re currently restructuring and/or developing your continuity plans!

There are many challenges when shifting your workforce and creating new workplace habits. For example, all data (including confidential information) flows from home to corporate headquarters, back into other homes, and vice versa. These documents could be traveling around via email, scan to folder, USB, fax, etc. So, how do you protect them? And what about the networks they are coming from and being received at? When your team is no longer working on the same office network, it becomes increasingly more difficult to ensure secure protocols are taking place. You don’t know what other family members are doing on the network. Could it be compromised? It probably is. 

You need to digitize and optimize your workflows. HP Capture Route/Upland AccuRoute is a solution that can take care of faxing, digitization, and security for you. 


Many industries (including healthcare, financial, legal, and real estate) have strict compliance requirements they need to uphold, especially during a pandemic. So, how do they do secure business? Companies in these industries have to fax. 

Where HP Capture & Route comes in:

  • Provides a full audit trail on all activity.
  • Failover, retry & redundancy capabilities built into the server.
  • Faxes can be delivered electronically (i.e. to emails so printing is no longer required). This makes the process quicker and safer for all parties involved.


The digital transformation is happening now and businesses need to get on board.

Lasers Resource | Faxing | Digitization | Working from home | Secure

Digitizing your workflows and business processes will significantly boost your business and employee productivity. It will also further prepare you for the future. If anything like this happens again, you will be ready and able to pick up and work from home easily (and securely)—without missing a beat. 

Where HP Capture & Route comes in:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to convert and compress paper files so that you and your team can work from them anywhere, anytime. 
  • Submit documents into automated workflows.
  • Track scanned content, making documents more accessible and easier to find.


Security is the one factor that should be top-of-mind right now. What are you doing to protect the content/networks that your employees are working on? What kind of devices/architectures do you have? Do your employees need to fax? What about shared documents? Our guess is yes to at least one of these. 

Where HP Capture & Route comes in:

  • Monitor what users are scanning.
  • Employees can be provided with access to workflows that are specifically applicable to their job role (i.e. not everyone will have the same access, limiting the amount of hands/eyes on secure content). 
  • Search for sensitive content with HP Capture and Route Data Loss Prevention.
  • Documents that are deemed unsecure can be stopped before reaching their destination.

If you’re ready to digitize and optimize your workflows, we’re ready for you. We want to help make this transition easier and more secure for your business. Let’s work this into your continuity plan today—contact a Lasers Resource Specialist.

In other, related news, Upland's AccuRoute also recently came out with Mobile Capture—which securely provides your team with access to important company files. You can find out more information on that here.



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