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Controlling Your Print Costs – Managed Print Services

Tue Nov 15, 2016 | Lasers Resource

Do you have any idea how much money you spend printing and copying documents each year? Or, like most businesses, do you just assume that it's a cost of doing business and that so long as paper and toner are around and the copier (usually) works, it is what it is?

Print costs (toner, paper, maintenance/repair, productivity, etc.) account for 2 to 4% of spending for most businesses. After rent and payroll, printing costs are the third-highest business expense.

Yet 90% of companies don't even know how much they spend on printing.

That's crazy.

That's a way of thinking that's wasting money for your business.

And with Christmas rapidly approaching (I know, I know; it's not even Thanksgiving yet), that's less money you'll have to fill up your stocking with goodies.

Here are three ways managed print services help get your printing and copying costs under control.

It's All Just Wasted Toner

Toner costs add up over time and toner spending is often wasted. How? When you don't have a plan to manage your print devices, different departments within companies often buy the equipment they think they need. Companies buy toner and ink in bulk and store it in closets around the office. As the hodgepodge of devices grows, employees start using the new printer (which might cost you more to print and copy from) and all that toner and ink on the shelf just sits. I've lost track of how many customers' closets we've cleaned out that had boxes of toner for printers and copiers no longer even in the office.

With managed print service (MPS), you'll get toner delivered to you when you need it. 

Print cost control grand rapids mi lasers resource

Overbuying – Or Underbuying – Equipment

I mentioned buying “equipment they think they need” in the section above. If you don't understand your actual printing and copying needs, you're almost guaranteed to either buy more devices and functionality than you need or not enough. The cost of buying more than you need are obvious. However, when you buy less than you need you can end up paying more in lost productivity and repair costs as devices are forced to handle more of a load than they're designed for and break down more frequently.

With MPS, your partner will ensure that you have the exact right mix of devices in your print fleet for you.

Paper Cuts On the Bottom Line

There's a fair amount of research about paper use on the Internet. While the exact percentage varies, all of the research agrees that a high percentage (30% to 50%) of documents printed or copied end up in the trash or recycle bin at the end of the day. At pennies or fractions of a penny, you might think, “So, what.”

Office Paper print costs grand rapids mi lasers resource

Here's so what. Let's say you have 70 people in your business and each outputs 5,000 pieces of paper per year (print and copy). That's 350,000 pages each year. Let's split the difference and say 40% of that is discarded. That's 140,000 pages. Let's assume all of those pages are black and white and you pay four cents for each page. You've thrown away $5,600 dollars.

You can buy a lot of stocking stuffers for $5,600.

With MPS, you can track your printing costs and implement rules to keep those print costs down.

Still think it's a good idea to ignore your printing costs? Take a look at our free eBook and discover more ways MPS can help you save time and money.


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