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Digital Copiers – The Material Girls of the Office Equipment World Skip to main content

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Digital Copiers – The Material Girls of the Office Equipment World

Sat Dec 03, 2016 | Lasers Resource

We've had some fun with songs from the 1980s off and on over the past few months. So we thought we'd continue that today with an ode to Madonna's Material Girl.

No, really, this will make sense – keep reading.

“We are living in a material world

And I am a material girl.”

I've banged on about how complex digital copiers are as a reason to outsource their maintenance so that your IT team can focus on what they do well. Digital copiers are ubiquitous, so I don't know that anyone really looks at them and sees them – they just blend into the background. They're roughly rectangular, have a lid, a drawer or three, a panel with buttons and screen, and places for you to insert and then retrieve documents.

As mechanical devices, office equipment will break and/or require maintenance – it's not a matter of if, but when.

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Not counting the exterior; there are roughly four groups of a digital copiers parts: the parts that move the paper; image capture optics; putting ink/toner on the paper; and the digital components and controls (not counting any of the apps).

Copier technician | experienced technician | Printer Reapir | Copier Repair | Digital Copier | copier printer | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Simple on the surface, right? Under the hood, though . . . yikes. Here's the parts list for a Xerox Phaser 800 series – this is a s imple printer from Xerox that can fit on your desk. There are field replaceable units FRUs for:

- Cabinet – the outside stuff
- Imaging – lights and optics
- Paper path – rollers and gears
- Motor and fan – that's an easy one!
- Circuit board – because it's a lightweight computer
- Solenoid and Clutch – isn't it an automatic?
- Gear and Belt – to turn the rollers
- Sensor and Flag
- High capacity paper tray

I looked at an online parts catalogue for Xerox's Workcentre 7855 multifunction printer. This Xerox digital copier is in the mid to high end range of equipment. The number of parts blew my mind (I'd never looked before).

There were 42 pages of parts with 30 parts on each page – over 1,000 rollers, belts, gears, glass, cameras, and more:

- Feed roll
- Pinch roll
- Roller FL
- Roller FR
- Fan Assy M K2 (my favorite name)
- Bottom fan/duct
- Heat sink and fan
- Fuser
- Upper Chute
- Chute Eject Low
- Eject drive bracket assembly
- Harness
- Sleeve bearing
- Oct ASY

OK, you get the idea. I'm sharing this partial list to reinforce the fact that there really are a LOT of moving parts in your office equipment. And it takes training, experience, and hard-won knowledge to fix them quickly and correctly and get businesses back up to being productive.

experienced technician | Copier technician | Printer Repair | Copier Repair | Digital Copier | copier printer | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

“Experience has made me rich and now they're after me.” An experienced copier technician is gold – most small to medium businesses don't have one on staff either. On the other hand, managed print services providers are loaded with experienced service techs who regularly receive training and constant practice getting copiers and printers repaired.

I listed 14 parts at random for one of the Xerox Workcentres. The list could continue with another 1,100 or so parts.

Does trying to understand how to repair and maintain your copiers sound good now, especially given your other help desk tasks and priorities? To paraphrase Madonna, “save your pennies – and your sanity – and make your rainy day” and see if a maintenance contract or managed print services engagement is right for you.


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Copier technician | Printer repair | Copier Repair | West Michigan | experienced technician | Digital Copier | copier printer | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI


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