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Don't Just Buy an Office Copier – Buy the RIGHT Office Copier

Thu Nov 03, 2016 | Lasers Resource

Because office copiers and printers are often considered part of the office landscape, businesses don't give them too much thought.

Copier or printer breaks; get it repaired.

Copier or printer keeps breaking; buy (or lease) a new one.

That's no way to think about these awesome productivity-enhancing tools. Today's office copiers can do more than ever; to list just a few capabilities:

- Scan to email
- Scan to a document repository (in the cloud too)
- Track printing and copying by department – or even by individual
- Combine with software to launch workflows
- Print-full bleed color documents
- Pull-printing enhances security and keeps confidential documents safe

Why take the time to find the right copier?

The Right Copier Saves You Time

I'm going to set aside productivity benefits of the right copier for the rest of this post and focus on how much time you could waste with the wrong copier fit. Let's take maintenance and repair.

Overworked IT professional

One of your users calls the help desk, or stops by your desk, on a Monday morning to let you know the “color printer” isn't working. You mentally translate “color printer” to the Xerox printer in the marketing department. Great, those guys are demanding and are going to be on you because they've got a mailer they need to print for a campaign they're running.

Down to the Xerox machine you go:

- First you do some basic troubleshooting – connected to the network, drivers are right, no jams anywhere, etc.
- After you can't find anything, you call your copier repair folks
- You show them the problem/explain what you did when they finally arrive
- They fix it then you double-check that it's working

Now, ALL copiers and printers will break and will require maintenance at some point – that's just a fact of life for any type of machine, copiers included. When your copier isn't working, your employees get frustrated because they can't print or copy what they need (or, heaven forbid, have to walk to another part of the office to use the copier there). Productivity and your bottom line both take a hit as employees can't print your invoice run for a few days and you've got to pay for the repair. Not to mention the time you've got to spend getting the copier repaired.

Paying attention to getting the right copier into your office leads to maximum uptime because the equipment's capabilities are matched to your requirements. A copier or printer outputting documents higher than its monthly duty cycle is a piece of equipment that is going to wear down faster and need to be repaired more often. It's really about finding that perfect balance between how much you may print and how much a printer or copier can handle. 

printer deployment balance

You could go to Office Depot and buy a desktop multifunction printer (which, if you're a small office with limited needs could be the right device for you). Or you could buy a used copier on eBay because it's “cheap.”

Or, you could do the smart thing – take the time to identify your business requirements and then outsource the care and feeding of right mix of equipment to an experienced managed print services partner.

Get in touch with us now

The process to identify your real printing and copying needs is call a print assessment you can read about how we do a print assessment here.

Bonus Time-Saving Tip

Copier setup is tedious. One overlooked time saver and productivity benefit of a managed print service partner is that they set up the equipment for you. You buy a copier off of eBay and that device is going to be left on a pallet in your parking lot – and you better hope it has wheels. A MPS partner will place your copiers and printers where they'll be most productive for your business (which isn't the parking lot, or your lobby – where you got tired of pushing). If you're thinking that plugging in a copier is as simple as setting up a desktop MFP in your home office, you're wrong. Having an expert set up, connect, and show you how your new copier works is a great first step to better productivity.

Discover more about how you can save time with outsourcing your copiers and printers by reading our free eBook about putting an end to Manic Mondays. Click on the image below.

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