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Have a Funny Feeling About that “Too Good to Be True” Copier Deal? Skip to main content

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Have a Funny Feeling About that “Too Good to Be True” Copier Deal?

Fri Feb 03, 2017 | Lasers Resource

People have been coming to you for months complaining about the printer in accounting or the copier fax speed in accounts receivable and you decide to finally do something more than sending one of your IT reps to do their best. You meet with Mr. Copier Sales Representative and he tells you “Great news! I can refresh your entire printing fleet for less than what you’re paying today.”  Is it truly great news?

The short answer is probably “no”.  Tap the brakes to anything that seems too good to be true, because it probably is. 

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The Hidden Deal Within The Deal

You may find a deal that truly is THAT good. After vetting it out, feel free to jump on it and never look back.  This article is for the other 99% of the time where you’re just getting ripped off on a copier deal.

Back to Mr. Copier Sales Representative's “I can refresh your entire printing fleet for less than what you’re paying today.”  This kind of deal will normally come with a multiple year agreement anywhere between 3 to 5 years—which is the key to their deal.

At this point you probably picked up your quote and think, “Well, it does cover all new devices for a lower price, what is this guy trying to say?”  The MOST important part of their low price multiyear deal can be found in fine print towards the end of their multiple page, grandly worded, seldom fully read contract. 

Copier deal | Buying a new copier | Printer deal | deals on printers and copiers | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

As our Director of Sales wrote in Don’t Get Fooled Again: How to Read Your Printer Maintenance Contract, look for any section describing an “escalator”.  The escalator is most copier sales representative’s best friend.  These escalators can raise the rates of your contract, and even your lease agreement, up to 10-15% each year.

Show Me The Money

Want an example?  For easy math let’s say that you were paying $2,000 a month for your printer and copier’s maintenance contract. Mr. Copier Sales Representative comes in with a new fleet at $1,800 a month with an escalator of 10% for 5 years.



Current Price per month

Mr. Copier Sales Representative Price  per month

Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5






This escalator is a 10% overall increase - not one that pertains to the maintenance agreement only. Your lease rate can be escalated as well. Now you see that Mr. Copier Sales Representative is really lining his own pockets while giving the illusion of helping you out. This deal is truly too good to be true and one you should say no to. 

The best approach is to be sure to inquire about escalators when talking with the sales representative.  If you get to the point of reviewing contracts, ask them to show you this section and talk it through with them, making sure you understand each contract’s escalators and even do the math to figure out how high that monthly payment will be after X number of years. Remember, you can always ask to have this stricken from the contract and to have your rates locked.

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