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Here’s How You Can Maximize on Your Recycling Efforts (i.e Save $$) Skip to main content

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Here’s How You Can Maximize on Your Recycling Efforts (i.e Save $$)

Mon Mar 02, 2020 | Lasers Resource

Reduce, reuse, recycle; the old adage that has never been more relevant in a world where waste management has become synonymous with doing good business. Other than helping you feel good about making environmentally friendly choices though, what kind of a return are we looking for when it comes to recycling? What’s the buy-in?

When you train your staff and practice healthy recycling habits for toner cartridges, not only are you contributing to reducing waste, but you are growing your business’s sustainability efforts. Instead of adding to your current waste output, which costs you money to have removed, programs like Lexmark’s Toner Cartridge Recycling Program offer easy disposal processes and prepaid shipping; taking the time AND cost out of disposing of your used toner cartridges. 

Here’s How to Maximize Your Recycling Efforts (While Also Saving Your Company Time + Money) 

1. Don’t replace your cartridges until they are completely empty.

Do you, like most, replace your cartridges every time the “low” notification pops up on your copier’s screen? This is a costly mistake. Depending on your printer/copier settings, this message could be set to appear in advance (typically when the cartridge still has up to 25% of its toner left). While this gives you ample time to order new toner—if you aren’t aware of this setting, your employees could be throwing away a QUARTER of your toner annually! Making sure your toner cartridges are COMPLETELY empty before replacing them can save your company a lot of money.

Woman changing an empty toner cartridge at the office

2. Join a recycling program like the HP Refresh & Recycle Program.

Programs like these are a great resource for keeping you accountable to your recycling goals. Lasers Resource recycles cartridges from many brands, including HP, Brother, Lexmark (and it doesn’t end there—we partner with other manufacturers, too). We even recycle printers! As an HP Premier Partner, we are proud to promote HP’s Refresh and Recycle program, where if you purchase a new HP printer, your old printer will get recycled for you, for FREE. This will not only help you stick to your recycling commitment but can also be used as an added tool/incentive for prospective customers.

3. Keep a pulse on your waste output.

In business, we track many metrics, but one we rarely pay attention to is how much waste we are producing. Not only does tracking your waste bolster your efforts in reducing your company’s environmental footprint, but it reduces your waste removal expenses, and these add up! Having the option to ship your cartridges for free or partnering with companies like Lasers Resource that offer to take them away for you is a great no-cost option.

So, what now?

Does your current MPS partner dispose of your empty cartridges, or does it fall on you? Our recycling services are free of charge, so why wait? We’ve made it easy for you. Make the environmentally responsible choice to keep your cartridges out of landfills and, in turn, save time and money. 

Reach out to a Lasers Resource Print Specialist to get started today. 


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