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How to Adapt Your Business to Thrive in Our Current Climate Skip to main content

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How to Adapt Your Business to Thrive in Our Current Climate

Fri Apr 17, 2020 | Lasers Resource

It’s time to embrace the new “normal” and by this, we mean that most business processes and practices will never be the same. The changes that have been brought on from the COVID-19 pandemic are forcing companies to adapt quickly and develop flexible working environments and new routines.

A few weeks ago, getting employees settled into their new working spaces was the first and most important step. Now that most home office workers are getting the hang of things, employers are beginning to shift their focus to security.

Lasers Resource | secure solutions for home officesWith recent news (including the many reported “Zoombombing” incidents), we know that hackers are taking full advantage of this global situation and working to infiltrate as many networks/accounts as possible before proper security measures get put in place.

There are, of course, increased risks when setting up any new workspace, and mapping out the secure solutions that will work for your business can be challenging when outside of the office network. At Lasers Resource, security is always top-of-mind. We protect companies before a data breach can occur, so we invite you to contact us for advice and support if you need it.

  1. Do you have what you need to adapt and thrive in our current climate?
  2. Have you been evolving your tech processes to align with a digital, cloud-based roadmap? 
  3. Do you have the correct tools to start your own Digital Transformation? 

We can help.

HP Capture and Route provides companies from all industries the resources they need to safely and securely refine processes. That way, teams can keep working, whatever the circumstance. We can improve paper-intensive processes throughout the whole document lifecycle, from capture through storage and retention (all while ensuring your vulnerable data is secure). 

  • With HP Capture and Route, all data is encrypted 24/7—even in transit!
  • Unsafe or potentially harmful documents can be blocked from reaching their target (i.e. your servers!).
  • Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we help teams capture, convert, and compress paper files, so they are workable immediately from anywhere. 
  • Busy workers can automatically submit documents into smart, automated workflows for processing through email pickup, folder pickup, MFP workflow buttons, fax, and beyond. 
  • Once materials are in the system, we create smart document routing options to help business continue to flow smoothly.

Our suggestion? Find resources that align with the systems in which you’ve already invested. At Lasers Resource, we provide solutions with out of the box support for a wide variety of secure integrations including OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Business Suite, iManage, NetDocuments, Concur, and beyond.

Reach out today to learn more about the many ways to infuse new, secure technology and keep business as usual, even in our unusual times. Lasers Resource is eager to help you succeed. 

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