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How to: Mobile Printing

Fri Dec 16, 2016 | Lasers Resource

One of the many new services printers and copiers offer is printing from a mobile device. It is easy and improves productivity, as you can print documents the moment you need them without having to return to a computer. One feature to look for is keystone correction. This function allows you to adjust the size and orientation of the image to make sure it looks good in print.

Improve Productivity With Easy-to-Download Apps

Cell phones have come a long way.  It wasn't long ago that we were staring at something that flipped open with a small yellow tinted screen and 15 or so buttons. Yes, even this millennial remembers those phones.  We now have huge screens with incredible resolution and, for the most part, no buttons at all. With this change in cell phones, the way people do business on phones has also changed. Now a mobile device is the office for many workers, workers that still need to print.

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Most digital printers have company apps that help you connect and print from a mobile device. Brother, Epson, Kodak, HP, and Lexmark all have unique apps for iOS and Android devices.

Xerox offers the Mobile Express Driver. With this printer driver, users can download the driver to their PC to print to nearly any PostScript device on a network – including printers from other manufacturers.

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That's great for laptop-toters; what about printing from your smartphone? The Mopria Print Service enables print from an Android device. Many Xerox devices are also compatible with Apple's AirPrint too.

HP ePrint Logo Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

HP created ePrint. A service that lets you select any HP enabled device and print to it from your mobile device. ePrint is not location specific, with each printers unique email address, you can print to the office from your home or other remote locations.

Some companies require that you pay a fee to use their app. For example, if you're printing from a Ricoh cloud-solution enabled printer, you'll need to pay the subscription fee and download the Print Cloud app. This app allows you to print from Android and iOS devices and laptops.

Other companies have free apps. If you're printing from a Canon cloud-solution enabled printer, using software on Canon's Image Runner Advance platform, you can download the free app for your iOS or Android device.

Google Cloud Print Logo Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

There are other options, too. For instance, if your printer has a near-field communication (NFC) chip, you should be able to print a document from your device by tapping the device against the printer. Or, you can use a cloud-computing service like Google Cloud Print.

Extend Copier Functionality

A digital copier and printer can serve many functions when you pair it with a smartphone or tablet. One way to do this is to take a picture using the smartphone, zoom in, and then print the image. This enables you to "scan" an image even if the copier does not have a scanning function.

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You can also eliminate the need for bulky cables by having your mobile device and printer on the same wireless network. The connection process involves setting your device to Wi-Fi mode. You then connect it to the printer's network. Finally, you select the network printer in the print app and select the print command.

You can also scan to a mobile device – or the cloud – but that's a topic for another day.

Let us know if you have any additional tips for making mobile printing a breeze. Best of luck in using apps, the cloud, and NFC to print from everywhere and anywhere.

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mobile printing needs how to Grand Rapids MI Lasers Resource


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