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Making Sure Your Toner Gets to Where It’s Going, Easily and Effectivel Skip to main content

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Making Sure Your Toner Gets to Where It’s Going, Easily and Effectively

Tue Apr 25, 2017 | Lasers Resource

Ink and toner are expensive.  Just walk into any retail store like Staples or Best Buy and take a stroll down the toner aisle and you’ll see. If you have a managed print service (MPS) contract in place, that toner doesn’t belong to you, which can be a good thing, but also costly if that toner finds its way into limbo after delivery to your office.  Since the MPS partner provided you with the toner you needed, a replacement cartridge is coming out of your pocket if, by some means, the original one gets lost, which happens more often than you may think.

Toner dust - CMYK.jpg

There are ways to prevent, or greatly reduce, your toner from being misplaced, lost, or (hopefully not) stolen.

Plan with Your MPS Partner

sticky note team planning.jpg

When you partner with an MPS provider, you should have conversations to update them regularly on equipment location, such as if you move a device from one department to another or if you pull a device from storage to help a department with seasonal work.  These little updates will not only let your MPS partner know where machines are in the event of a service call, but also where to ship your toner cartridges.  If a copier that use to be in accounting on the third floor was moved to shipping in the warehouse, and no one lets the MPS partner know, then that toner is still being delivered to the third floor and shipping is out of luck (unless you have great employees that will walk it down to them). 

Automatic Supplies Fulfillment

If you have supply automation at your office, these update calls become even more important.  Supply automation is when software constantly reads your toner levels and reports back to the MPS partner.  When your device gets to a specified toner level or a certain number of days before depletion, a replacement toner will automatically be shipped to you.  If you do not update the location of your devices with your partner after they have been relocated, then this toner cartridge will be shipped to the old device location that your partner has and there is a good chance it may end up in a closet somewhere.

Internal planning

sticky note planning.jpg

Having a strategy for toner routing is key for seamless deliveries.  Will all the toner be delivered to one location and then sent out internally from there? Will each department have a supply closet with all the toner needed within?  Will the MPS partner do just-in-time deliveries to devices in need and there will be no storage closets or internal delivery at all? Whatever your strategy is, the main point is that there needs to be one. 

It is also great to spread this information throughout your company.  Once you have your strategy in place, let your employees know what it is.  If you have multiple locations or branches, keep them in the loop for how they need to handle their toner needs.  Communication is the grease that keeps the business machine running smoothly. 

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