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Network and Print Security - Part Three: Paper Skip to main content

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Network and Print Security - Part Three: Paper

Tue Jan 24, 2017 | Lasers Resource

“Organizations must take proactive steps to address security concerns in the print and document infrastructure, and the managed print service (MPS) partner, like HP, should be viewed as an important partner in this endeavor.”

Robert Palmer, Research Director with IDC’s Imaging, Printing and Document Solutions team.

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Your information is not only at risk on your network. This is a tough question, but how do you protect your information once it's printed? How do you protect your paper? A security breach can be as easy as an employee leaving a paper at the restaurant. Can a printing solution help with printed document security? 

In part one, we discussed network and print security in relation to hardware and in part two, in relation to software. Today, we're going to discuss network and print security with regard to paper. 

Although you can’t protect from all breaches, there are steps you can put in place to help.

Pull Print

Pull print solutions are great for reducing waste, lowering print costs, and securing your printed documents. This is geared more towards sensitive internal documents that should not fall into the wrong hands.  With a pull print solution, your print jobs are sent to a print driver that holds your documents until you are at any configured device to retrieve them.  No more having to select a printer, print, and rush over to grab your job before others can see it.  Another benefit - no more need for every HR representative to have their own printer on their desk. 

Job Accounting

print security | network security | print experts | data security | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

With job accounting, you have a log of every document that is being printed and from whom. Companies that bill back departments get a great and easy solution; it is simple to track costs and you can see if there are documents being printed that shouldn’t be, whether personal prints or private company information the employee shouldn’t have.

Print Rules

print security | network security | print experts | data security | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Print rules let you control how users print and where they print.  If your users are the type that like to print their emails, you can configure print rules to automatically route these documents to the lowest black-and-white device in order to cut printing costs.   You can also set rules to automatically convert documents to black-and-white when they are printed and to have all documents duplexed (printed on both sides on the page). 

This is great for saving money, but how does this protect your documents?  Well, with the right rules in place, you can actually make it so a document is unprintable for all or some employees.  

Check and Medical

Many industries have regulated documents they print, like the medical industry. Other companies are literally printing money in checks and other specialized certificates.  There can be a major security breach if these documents were mishandled, corrupted or stolen.  Our partner, Troy, has come up with some impressive solutions in order to safeguard your printed material. 

print security | network security | medical security | HIPAA | Financial security | print experts | data security | Lasers Resource | Grand Rapids MI

Troy has developed software, custom MICR toner/ink/printers, and check paper to provide a complete and secure check printing solution. They also eliminate the need for preprinted check stock.  For healthcare organizations, Troy has developed software that prints prescriptions on plain paper with security features printed directly on the document; again, eliminating the need to have preprinted prescription pads. The prescriptions print CMS compliant fraud prevention features and tamper-resistant printing. Troy also has developed secure UV printing technology for additional security.

Paper is unsecure. Paper with important, sensitive, company information can be left behind, stolen, or shared.  Although it is hard to completely secure your paper documents, I hope this started you thinking about your document security.

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