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One Bill to Rule Them All. Simplified Printing Costs

Wed Dec 21, 2016 | Lasers Resource

Bills have been around as long as there's been the need to exchange money for services or goods. After all, every movie I've ever seen that has the Roman Empire in it has debt collectors at some point. And, for an actual historical reference, some of the earliest cuneiform tablets in existence are bills of sale. Sumeria and Rome are long gone, but life still comes with lots of bills: medical bills, insurance, phone, utilities. We can hope the money-less world of Star Trek comes soon, but until then, we are stuck with bills, bills, bills – yes, Destiny’s Child is playing while I’m writing this.  

One Bill to Rule Them All

Printing costs bills Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

I know, shocking, 
adult life comes with bills. How can we make those bills seem less daunting and more manageable? What if you could have several printing cost bills become one? I’m not talking about three $500 bills becoming one $500 bill (we'd like to stay in business!), but consolidating those three bills into a single $1,500 bill would make your life a little easier I bet.

One of the benefits of working with a managed provider is that they manage your stuff. Duh, Captain Obvious, right? What I’m trying to say is, why have a lot of different sources for your IT providers and bills when you could find one that does it all?

Managed print service (MPS) providers do a lot more than you think. The “print” is unintentionally limiting – we (and other MPS companies) do a lot more. MPS providers can help you with

- Storing documents,
- Transferring and routing documents internally and externally at the push of a button,
- Automating work functions like receiving invoices and even faxing from your Outlook (a nice touch for your friends in the medical field),
- and more.

Basically, many of the questions your IT department and help desk get daily – though we can't help you with those “my computer stopped” calls that you love so much.

The ability to have both your printers and copiers managed and your data management system AND your fax solution coming from one provider with one bill can save a lot of time internally and, let’s be honest, a lot of money. If you don’t get some sort of a discount for acting like Progressive Insurance and bundling, then you need to find a new provider.

The One Exception


Lease Printing costs bills Lasers Resource Grand Rapids MI

I have said this before and I’ll keep bringing it up because it is a game-changer for the industry. Many times, MPS providers will try to “help you out” by giving you one bill for your service agreement and equipment lease. They add your lease payment to your cost per page contract, essentially hiding the actual cost from you in a “for only this much a month you get the whole package” kind of deal. This seems great until you realize the helpful sales rep charged you $15,000 for a $10,000 copier. Also, if you decide to renew your service agreement or get stuck in an auto renew, then guess what also is coming along for the ride… another $15,000 making your $10k copier a $30,000 piece of old junk by the time it’s all said and done.

Lasers Resource has always tried to be as transparent as we can be, never hiding payment inside other ones or sneaking in bonuses for us. That's just the way we do business and a core value of honesty and transparency. Turns out, the government shares our thinking on this. With changes in leasing practices and Topic 842, this type of selling will become no more. Where once your operating leases stayed off your balance sheet, soon all assets leased will have to be shown on your balance sheet. More information on leasing and Topic 842 can be found here.

Otherwise, ask your MPS provider what solutions they support and see if you are able to bundle a few of your ongoing services and bills under one provider. If you don’t have an MPS partner, there is never a time like the present to see what one could do for you.

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