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Two Solutions to Increase Security While Working Remotely Skip to main content

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Two Solutions to Increase Security While Working Remotely

Fri Apr 03, 2020 | Lasers Resource

This is a challenging time for many businesses—the transition of uprooting your entire workforce and equipping your team with the tools to work from home is a lot, and certainly not something most businesses were prepared for. While most things are out of our control right now, one thing we can (and should) control as business owners, managers, and even employees—is how secure our new working environments are.


Secure home officeIn order to stay true to the “business as usual” philosophy many of us are trying to uphold, we need to also ensure that we put certain measures in place to protect our company (and client) information. This is more important now than ever as employees work remotely and sensitive documents and files are getting shared from computer to computer (and network to network!). 

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and put all new security protocols and precautions in place, but you should be working on adapting your current workflows and increasing security measures where you can.

Here are two solutions that we recommend.

1. Document Workflow

Document solutions work not only as a security booster but also, they can significantly increase employee productivity and organization by automating administrative processes. Features such as “optical character recognition” (OCR) can help make storing and indexing easy and reduce retrieval time with its full document search function. 

Other benefits? 

  • Better overall organization
  • Stronger security and compliance
  • Reduction in waste (shredding documents & recycling), which also leads to saving money
  • Workflows can also read information from written forms to increase data entry productivity

2. Printer Security

If your employees are working remotely, chances are they are printing much less frequently than they did at the office. However, if they are printing company documents at home—this is an important one. The average person doesn’t know much about security protocols, especially when it comes to printers (they are much more likely to know about computer hacking and take measures to prevent this than through their printers). There are several ports and print security settings that go easily unnoticed, creating an easy target for hackers. Knowing that so many people are working from home in less secure environments, now is the time to take action and protect your employees (and your company). 

HP’s JetAdvantage Security Manager can monitor your employees’ printers for known threats and can be set to self-heal, or, alert you if anything suspicious arises. 

Other benefits? 

  • Hardens endpoints and prevents infiltration with a complete print security platform
  • Strong encryptions
  • Protective firmware
  • Improved compliance (which will also help to hold your client's trust during these uncertain times)

We want to help. If you have any questions about these solutions or want to learn more about creating a secure working environment for your employees, contact us today.


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