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What You Need to Start a Managed Print Service (MPS) Agreement Skip to main content

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What You Need to Start a Managed Print Service (MPS) Agreement

Tue Apr 11, 2017 | Lasers Resource

If you are currently without a managed print service (MPS) partner and looking for one or are about to switch to a new MPS partner, there are a few things you need to know and have prepared. When starting with a new MPS partner, you will go through the normal practices: assessment, proposal, execution. It’s better to bring things to the MPS providers attention rather than waiting for them to ask.

proposal template.jpg

Get the Starting MPS checklist here!

The assessment stage is where all the information on your current printers and copiers are collected. How many devices you have and the average monthly volume (AMV) of pages each device prints a month. The AMV is normally collected through a data collection agent (DCA) that monitors your devices for 2 or more weeks and reports those numbers back to the MPS partner.

This is a great time to provide additional information that will help you to get a better deal.

- This can include the current level of service you are being provided and your happiness level with it
- How you request service for a device
- Who does the service (if its random or you have an assigned technician)
- How do you order supplies
- How do you currently get your supplies
- Where are the supplies kept (at each device, in a store closet, delivered just-in-time)
- A wish list of any changes or things you wish a MPS partner would provide

Along with the current level of service you’re receiving and how you get your supplies, some things need to be shared about your company as well like network structure, digital workflows that are in place and any user requests. These user requests can be things they would like to have or things that will make their jobs easier:

- Process for medical records
- Device that can print marketing materials
- A copier that can handle heavy scanning for HR
- A dedicated drawer for pre-printed forms
- Any specialized finishing they may need.

This is also the time to share your current MPS terms and conditions. Many times, clients are paying for things they are not using or didn’t know they had.  This is a good time to get a second opinion on your agreement, could come in handy if you end up staying with your current partner.

You will also want to share any tax information with your new MPS partner.  If you are tax exempt, then your new partner will need to have all the proper paperwork before the contract or quotes can be worked up.

Some MPS partners require pre-inspections of your current gear before they will cover them under a maintenance contract.  Make sure you find out if they require this, what is involved and when that will take place.

service contract with a managed provider.jpg

Now, finally, you can review the proposal, sign the agreement, sit back and relax knowing your printers are being taken care of.

Don’t miss one of the important points. Download our free starting an MPS agreement checklist below.

Get the Starting MPS checklist here!


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