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Whoa, We’re Half Way There! Whoa-Oh, Living… in a New Office Space Soo Skip to main content

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Whoa, We’re Half Way There! Whoa-Oh, Living… in a New Office Space Soon

Fri Jun 16, 2017 | Lasers Resource

Lasers Resource is growing and we have run out of room at our office. You know what that means?  It’s time for a new office! 

What better way to find a space that is/represents Lasers Resource than to build it ourselves?

I have been leading the efforts and design of the new space along with our friends at First Companies, Dixon Architecture and Kentwood Office Furniture.

The Building 

Our new location will be the North-West corner of Patterson and 40th street, right across from the airport and just south of the blue train bridge that runs above Patterson.

Lasers Resource New Building Street Corner

The office space is going to be a great place to work, meet or even hang out when you swing by.  There will be large open office space along with multiple private offices for the Lasers Resource team.  Four conference/meeting rooms will be available, all varying in size of attendance and meeting needs. A full kitchen next to the largest of conference rooms for lunch meetings or educational lunch-and-learns. The best part of the new office? The large plaza area where there will be plenty of seating for privacy or comfort and will hold all our new and demo printers and copiers. 

Lasers Resource New Building plaza rendering

(concept rendering)

The warehouse will be twice the size of our current one and optimized for greater workflows and storage.  Our techs will have workbenches to service your devices and have some personal space for themselves.  We will be doubling our bathrooms, which may not seem like that big of a deal to you, but is HUGE to us. 

Practicability is cool and all, but is it pretty? 

The floor will be a combination of polished concrete and carpet patterns in the Lasers Resource colors.  The office will be in calming colors, our gray and green promotes positive growth, is timeless, earthy and overall calming.

HP Garage Barn Start

One of our meeting rooms will be called “The Barn” and will be designed to look like the barn style garage where HP was created and started.

Construction Status 

As of the posting of this article a lot has happened with the construction of the new building.  Currently, the exterior walls are almost finished and the interior walls are studded out. 

Lasers Resource New Building studded walls

Doors are being framed and will be in shortly along with the windows. 

The parking lot is awaiting lines and the roadside sign’s location has been settled.

The next steps are to have the inside completed: ceiling to be dropped, drywall being plastered, carpet getting laid, lights screwed in.

We will have an open house in the fall and would love to see you there! More information on that event and the progress of the construction and building to come!

Lasers Resource New Building Ground breaking | ConstructionLasers Resource New Building snow buildLasers Resource New Building foundation constructionLasers Resource New Building foundation construction

 Lasers Resource New Building support beamsLasers Resource New Building roof build

  Lasers Resource New Building outside constructionLasers Resource New Building outside construction

Lasers Resource New Building outside constructionLasers Resource New Building loading docks outside construction


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