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Why Does My POS Office Copier Break Time After Time? Skip to main content

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Why Does My POS Office Copier Break Time After Time?

Tue Dec 06, 2016 | Lasers Resource

The last time you bought office equipment – printers or copiers especially – did you feel like you were talking to a used car salesperson?

Too often, that's how many copier salespeople operate – just get the sale. It's not always their fault; they're under a lot of pressure to meet quotas from their boss. Still, that doesn't really help you, does it?

The sales process needs to be about YOU. What your business goals are. What your business needs are. And taking the time to uncover hidden business needs and opportunities for process improvement that you're not even thinking about. Office copiers can be used to launch automatic business processes – no paper – with the right combination of process and software.

What's all this have to do with my POS copier breaking time after time? In addition to being able to throw in a gratuitous Cyndi Lauper reference; the salesperson's push to move units at your expense can mean you get the wrong copier for your document volume.



Why the “Just Right” Copier Is Key to Up time (and Productivity)

Let's clear up one thing: your copier probably isn't actually a POS. The functionality and reliability of digital copiers today is higher than ever. More than likely, you've got either the wrong fit or you're doing a poor job of maintenance of your device. Office copiers are complex pieces of machinery, and like any complex machinery (think of your car, for example), need routine maintenance to operate at peak efficiency.

It's easy to get the wrong fit. Office copiers and printers exist in a huge array of sizes, options, and output speeds. Each device has a monthly duty cycle that is maximum volume the device can output (print, copy, and fax) in a month under normal conditions before it exceeds wear and tear. For higher volume devices, what most folks don't know is that there's a minimum output volume recommendation and when machines run lower than this volume they are more inclined to breakdown.

Why Does My POS Office Copier Break Time After Time printer repair contract service grand rapids michigan

When both too little and too much capacity can both lead to more downtime and less productivity, you can understand why it's important to identify what your monthly document output volume actually is and buy or lease the right mix of equipment to achieve that volume of output.

If your office copier sales rep is focused on pushing for a sale and less interested in talking to you about what you need; you need to talk to a different company. One that will partner with you.

A key part of a managed print services engagement is identifying your business' real printing (and copying and faxing) needs.

Regardless of how you ultimately choose to acquire your copiers and printers (buy, lease, managed print services, or even rental) don't get the wrong-size machine for copying and printing needs. Your copier could be breaking a lot because you were sold equipment with not enough or too much capacity for your needs. Find a digital copier company who will be your partner; not one full of copier sales reps pushing a copier to meet his or her selling needs - not your office printing needs.


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