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Why is the Cartridge I Received Different from What is in my Printer? Skip to main content

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Why is the Cartridge I Received Different from What is in my Printer?

Fri Nov 09, 2018 | Lasers Resource

Your office chugs along and a nice, steady pace. It’s all smooth sailing and the building seems to be in harmony.

happy office workers high fiving

Then, your trusty printer runs out of toner.  No big deal, right? You have a great managed print partner that knew this was coming and sent you a replacement cartridge already. You open the box and pull the new cartridge out only to find that it dwarfs the toner you just removed from your printer. 

“There is no way this will fit!", you say aloud, “I think someone must have messed up our order!”

Well, the truth is, we didn’t mess up your order. We are just looking out for you and shipped you an “extended yield” cartridge. We know that having to replace your toner in the middle of a big print job or anytime isn’t the best use of your time, so we sent you a cartridge that will last you a lot longer.

CF226A and CF226xc size comparison

If your device is new, it very likely came to you with a low yield “starter” cartridge. One example of this would be an HP M402 printer that has a CF226A cartridge installed. This cartridge yields approximately 3,100 pages. The cartridge that you will receive from Lasers Resource to replace it is going to be a CF226XC. The “X” in the cartridge number indicates that it is an extended yield cartridge. It yields approximately 9,000 pages. The “C” is an indicator that the cartridge has come from an authorized HP partner - that’s us!

Another good example would be ink cartridges marked #972 in an HP PageWide 577. These are high yield cartridges that print from 7,000 – 10,000 pages. If the PageWide 577 is a Pro model, it can accept even higher yield cartridges. in this case, what you receive from Lasers Resource would be labeled as #976Y with a yield of 13,000 – 17,000 pages.

happy office workers thumbs up

When you are shipped toner or ink cartridges with extended yields, they will be physically larger than what you remove from the machine. These larger cartridges are designed for the machine but will be a bit of a tighter fit. The cartridges usually include helpful instructions for installation. As long as you follow the built-in guides on the cartridge and don’t over force it into the machine, everything will be smooth sailing and in harmony once again.

If you still require assistance with this please feel free to give us a call!

(616) 554-5555

Email support

*We only wish your office runs as smoothly as in this story, we cannot guarantee happy employees over a toner cartridge. We would, however, be willing to accept all responsibility for any office joy you may experience.


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