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Why You Need a Service Partner for Your Copier Repair & Print Strategy Skip to main content

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Why You Need a Service Partner for Your Copier Repair & Print Strategy

Wed Nov 02, 2016 | Lasers Resource

Here's a poorly understood aspect of technology (software or hardware) – most of it does the same stuff. By that I mean, all copiers will copy, print, scan, and fax while having various software apps to boost productivity and an onboard hard drive. If you implement capture or document management software, you'll be able to digitize, convert, search, and store your business documents. CRM, backup, ERP, etc. most of the information technology works very well.

Of course there are specialized products for niche industries and some products perform better than others. Still, most products can work for you – IF you have a office printing partner dedicated to providing great service.

This is especially true in the copier industry, service and experience is the difference between a print fleet optimized to meet your business objectives and a bunch of printers and copiers thrown haphazardly together (and that will cost you more money and waste your time).

Strategy First, Then Tools, and Always Service

You wouldn't use a screwdriver to hammer a nail into a wall; you'd use a hammer. I guess you could manage to hammer a nail in with the screwdriver – using the handle to tap the nail in – into office drywall. Think you'd be able to drive that nail home into a piece of lumber using the handle of your screwdriver?

office printing partner strategy Lasers Resource Grand Rapids Mi

Printers and copiers come in different speeds, sizes, output capabilities, and many more functionality choices. As your business printing and copying needs change over time, finding the most cost-effective and productive mix of office equipment becomes harder. Not to mention the need for enhanced security and privacy features in industries like healthcare (HIPAA).

Overbuy and you waste money. Underbuy and you'll pay more for maintenance and not be as productive as you could be.

A managed print service partner will have a process to identify your business' printing and copying needs. They'll then have the expertise to match the right office equipment to those needs.

Service is often overlooked when selecting a partner. You want someone who is local and can do copier repair quickly. As a provider of MPS, you can be sure that we only select hardware for our customers to use based on functionality and dependability. Of course, this is good for you. Secondly, and this isn't rocket science, our business success is partly based on having to service the equipment we provide to you as little as possible.

That's also good for your productivity – less downtime equals documents being produced effectively and efficiently.


Why partner? Why not service provider? Or dealership? Partner means that we're in it together. A partner is invested in your success. They aren't someone looking to sell you their product and then on to their next victim. A partner cares and takes the time to understand your business so that they can support your business as best they can.

It's time for you to stop looking for a copier or printer. It is time for you to start looking for a partner who can guide you to the RIGHT copier and printer for your specific business needs.

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